Senseable Stockholm Lab

Senseable Stockholm Lab Week, 5 to 9 October 2021

During Senseable Stockholm Lab Week you will experience Stockholm in new ways. MIT and KTH researchers have used sensors on moving vehicles, geotagged social network data and analyses of travel time to get an unconventional perspective of the city. Their results – so far – will be presented in various venues, hosted by the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and KTH.

Senseable Stockholm Lab is a collaboration between KTH, MIT and the City of Stockholm. Since 2019 the lab has studied Stockholm with unconventional methods, taking advantage of e.g. internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. Their findings and insights can be used to improve the way the city works in areas like segregation, sustainability and transport.

The researchers will present their findings throughout the week in various venues hosted by the lab’s stakeholders. There will also be interactive presentations in the Stockholm Room in the Stockholm Culture House as well as other locations.

More information about the lab week will be available here by early fall.

Interview with Barbro Fröding: “Both technology and ethics are needed in the smart city”

Barbro Fröding, associate professor in philosophy at KTH, researches the ethical perspective on when new technology and people meet. Her ongoing project is about the City of Stockholm’s work with “smart city” and about the research in Senseable Stockholm Lab.

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