Senseable Stockholm Lab

Webinar: Stockholm Sensing Platform – mapping urban microclimates collecting hyperlocal environmental data

This webinar is given in part in Swedish and in part in English.

Intro: Sara Borgström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Moderator: Lukas Ljungqvist, City of Stockholm
Presenters: Simone Mora, MIT Senseable City Lab and Tanay Rastogi, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sensor on top of car roof
Sensor on car roof (Tom Benson/MIT)

Air quality, heat, noise. These are environmental factors that deeply affect the well-being of people living in cities. Yet, they are hyper-local, fast-pace changing phenomena that are hard to snapshot. The Stockholm Sensing Platform explores the use of fleets of custom-designed mobile and low-cost sensors. By doing this, unique characteristics of Stockholm’s microclimates are captured, and provides use cases in the field of environmental monitoring, civic participation and public health.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the Stockholm Sensing Platform project and the pilot study with sensors on buses.

The webinars are for communicating research in progress, to invite the residents of Stockholm, other actors in the city and our broader network into our scientific work and discussions. We hope that the webinars will be intriguing, inspiring and lead to more contacts between researchers and the other actors in public, private and civil sector. We also want people to know about the lab as an arena for exploration and innovation.” – Sara Borgström, coordinator Senseable Stockholm Lab


  • Date: 2022-01-19