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Our city: How does a crisis change our habits? [Stockholm/Uppsala/Gothenburg]

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We are in the midst of a crisis caused by the corona pandemic, and many are hit hard in different ways. Our mobility is limited and the accessibility to important societal functions is reduced. We change our way of living and it affects accessibility to different resources, not least to other people. At KTH Royal Institute of Technology research is conducted on how we can achieve more equal living conditions and reduce segregation, through planning and urban design. We aim to increase the understanding of the role of architecture and the built environment in relation to living conditions.

Progress reports and articles

A. Legeby, D. Koch (2020) The changing of urban habits during the Corona pandemic in Sweden, FAMagazine. Scientific Open Access e-Journal

Vår stad – Preliminär rapport Maj 2020. Här redovisas och kommenteras översiktligt de svar som registrerades under undersökningens första månad. [In Swedish]


With this web-based questionnaire, we aim to collect information for research to better understand how the city responds to a crisis, and how the pandemic affects citizens in different parts of the city. We examine how varying conditions affect our use of the city, movement flows as well as how access to societal resources changes.

Your integrity

Your answers are handled anonymously. The results will be shown at an overall level and as aggregated results. Individual answers will not be able to distinguish. We are interested in capturing patterns in the city, not the behaviour of individuals. Data and results will be used for research purposes at KTH (within  Applied Urban Design and Senseable Stockholm Lab). Each municipality that participates in the study will get access to selected data from their municipality, for analysis and development. Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg are included in the study. Please note that the questionnaire is no longer active


We collaborate with researches at Södertörn University in the project “En stad för alla? En studie om unga kvinnors liv i en föränderlig förort” [A city for everyone? A study about young women’s life in a changing suburb], which is financed by the Swedish Research Council and led by Sara Ferlander, Associate Professor in sociology. The research project is connected to Reinvent – the Centre for City Dynamics. We also collaborate with the University of Gävle and the Urban Studio, a dynamic interdisciplinary research program on urban sustainability. The project aims to stimulate the integration of socio-technical environmental research with social-ecological urban research, headed by Stephan Barthel.


Responsible researchers at KTH: Ann Legeby and Daniel Koch KTH has an agreement with Mapita, the company responsible for the web based map questionnaire, Maptionnaire. KTH is responsible for survey questions and incoming replies. Please contact Ann Legeby if you have any question


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