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Social network data unveil the dynamics of social segregation in Stockholm

With increasing urbanization and migration flows, understanding the phenomenon of social segregation in cities, is an urgent challenge. Traditional approaches to study segregation are based on a static analysis of where people reside. However, citizens spend most of their time outside their home, each one exploring and living in the city in a different way. Can we use geo-located data collected from social networks, coupled with urban measures of house price, access to transportation and so on, to understand the dynamics and possible causes of social segregation?

Team members

Anders Karlström, KTH

Marcus Sundberg, KTH

Paolo Santi, MIT

Umberto Fugiglando, MIT

Related publications

Y.  Xu, A. Belyi, P. Santi, C. Ratti, (2019). Quantifying segregation in an integrated urban physical-social space. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.


Paolo Santi

Paolo Santi

Principal Research Scientist

Umberto Fugiglando

Research Manager & Partnerships Lead