Senseable Stockholm Lab

Agent-based simulation

Addressing urban segregation requires finding and evaluating new policies and investments. In this project, we will use georeferenced mobile phone data to estimate an activity based travel demand model, Scaper. The model will produce representative but truly anonymized activity travel patterns for a synthetic population. The calibrated model will allow for the visualization and analysis of, e.g. individuals moving through a park in the current situation as well as under policy scenarios.

Film: Oskar Västberg

Team members

Lead researcher KTH: Oskar Västberg

Lead researcher MIT: Paolo Santi

Fatemeh Naqavi, KTH

Daniel Jonsson, KTH

Marcus Sundberg, KTH

Anders Karlström, KTH

Muriel Beser Hugosson, KTH

Related publications

Västberg, O. B., Karlström, A., Jonsson, D., & Sundberg, M. (2019). A Dynamic Discrete Choice Activity-Based Travel Demand Model. Transportation Science.

Zimmermann, M., Västberg, O. B., Frejinger, E., & Karlström, A. (2018). Capturing correlation with a mixed recursive logit model for activity-travel scheduling. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 93, 273-291.


Oskar Blom Västberg