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Senseable Stockholm Lab Day 2021

The Senseable Stockholm Lab team in Stockholm City Hall
Published Nov 05, 2021

On “Senseable Stockholm Lab Day”, Tuesday 5 October 2021, the lab’s researchers and City of Stockholm representatives came together in Stockholm City Hall to present completed, ongoing and coming lab projects. The lab day was moderated by Lukas Ljungqvist, City of Stockholm.


Senseable Stockholm Lab Day began with an introduction by the Executive Committee: Christina Murray, KTH, Lukas Ljungqvist, City of Stockholm and Umberto Fugiglando, MIT Senseable City Lab.

Urban Segregation

Four studies from the Urban Segregation  project where presented:

  • Cate Heine, MIT: “Measuring integration across space and time” (1:10)
  • Ann Legeby and Daniel Koch, KTH: “New Urban Habits” (6:35)
  • Tom Benson, MIT: “Neighbourhood AI: Seeing Change” (11:45)
  • Oskar Blom Västberg, KTH: “Assessing Urban Mobility and Segregation through the Use of a Travel Demand Model and Mobile Phone Data” (16:25)

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion where Fábio Duarte, MIT and Daniel Andersson, City of Stockholm, also joined in.

Transport Mode Imbalance

The project Transport Mode Imbalance  was presented by Daniel Carmody, MIT.

The presentation is followed by a panel discussion with Daniel Carmody, Christer Persson, KTH and Paul Fenton, City of Stockholm.

Stockholm Sensing Platform & Stockholm Heat

Two projects using similar measurements of microclimate and environmental data were presented:

The presentation is followed by a panel discussion where the researchers are joined by Peter Wiborn and Anders Broberg from the City of Stockholm.


The Ethics  project was presented by Associate Professor Barbro Fröding, KTH. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with Anna Hörlén, City of Stockholm, Fábio Duarte, MIT Senseable City Lab and Barbo Fröding.

The panel discussion was moderated by Lukas Ljungqvist, City of Stockholm.

Panel Discussion

During the lab day professor Carlo Ratti, the director of MIT Senseable City Lab, moderated a panel discussion on the topic “city innovation and collaboration”, with Sigbritt Karlsson, the president of KTH and Anna König Jerlmyr, the mayor of Stockholm.

City Change

The project City Change – Effects of Urban Interventions  presented by Daniel Koch, KTH and Tom Benson, MIT.

AI Safety Perception Patterns

The project AI Safety Perception Patterns  presented by Vania Ceccato and Jonatan Abraham, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Fábio Duarte, MIT.

Concluding Remarks

Senseable Stockholm Lab Day ended with concluding remarks by representatives from the collaborating organizations, moderated by Lukas Ljungqvist:

  • Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • Magnus Svantegård, Newsec
  • Mikael Östling, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Carlo Ratti, MIT Senseable City Lab
  • Anette Scheibe Lorentzi, City of Stockholm
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