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Sensing Platform

Air quality, heat, noise. Those are the three environmental variables that affect the well-being of people living in cities the most. Yet, those are also hyperlocal, fast-paced changing phenomena hard to snapshot.

The Sensing Stockholm project aims at bringing environmental data to the doorstep of citizens: By collecting, analyzing and visualizing hyperlocal environmental data to study a number of urban phenomena (e.g. air quality, road quality, and thermal leaks from buildings) we aim at delivering actionable insights for the public good.

city scanner mounted on a car
The City Scanner on a car

Instead of relying on fixed sensors, the projects make use of scheduled (e.g. buses, trash trucks) and non-scheduled (e.g. taxis) vehicles that are equipped with custom-designed, solar-powered sensing nodes. Building an opportunistic sensing platform that can be deployed and configured on-demand we provide cities with denser spatiotemporal data about the urban environment, enabling decision-making and fostering public engagement on environmental issues.


Belongs to: Senseable Stockholm Lab
Last changed: Apr 19, 2022