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Safety in Kista

Safety can be experienced differently depending on whether you live in an area, work in an area or visit an area. In this research project, the researchers will take a closer look at perceived security in Kista, a knowledge that is important when planning and building housing.

Kista is one of the more vibrant districts in Stockholm and in the next few years 8000 new homes are planned to be built in the area, at the same time that Förbifart Stockholm is being built in the area. But according to the City of Stockholm's safety survey, roughly 40 percent of those who live in the area do not feel safe in several places.

In the research project the researchers will therefore look at how people assess the safety in Kista and in the study the researchers will involve youth organizations in the area.

The project is taking part together with Kista Science City. 

Project period: 2023 - 2024

Belongs to: Senseable Stockholm Lab
Last changed: Mar 03, 2023