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A week that infused new strength into a unique collaboration


Through collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology, MIT and the City of Stockholm –supported by Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Newsec, and hosted by Kista Science City and the Stockholm Room – the week starting with 4 October 2021 became Senseable Stockholm Lab Week. After two years of working together remotely, researchers from both…

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Senseable Stockholm Lab Day, 5 October 2021


Senseable Stockholm Lab Day will allow you to experience Stockholm in unexpected ways. During two years of collaboration, MIT and KTH researchers have used sensors on moving vehicles, geotagged social network data and analyses of travel time to get new perspectives and to address challenges defined by the city. Their results – so far –…

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Interview with Barbro Fröding: “Both technology and ethics are needed in the smart city”


Barbro Fröding, associate professor in philosophy at KTH, researches the ethical perspective on when new technology and people meet. Her ongoing project is about the City of Stockholm’s work with “smart city” and about the research in Senseable Stockholm Lab. Continue reading in a new article on KTH’s website

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